Flickr gets major redesign with grid UI, users get 1TB of free storage (video)

Billy Steele
B. Steele|05.20.13

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Billy Steele
May 20, 2013 5:24 PM
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Flickr gets major redesign with grid UI, users get 1TB of free storage (video)

A formal celebration of Yahoo's acquisition of Tumblr wasn't what the internet outfit had up its sleeve for this evening's festivities. Instead, the company unveiled an update to Flickr at the NYC event with a host of new features that includes a retooled grid UI built out of images and up to 1TB of free storage for users. Yahoo is saying that the advertised storage space is enough room to stash 537,731 "full-resolution" photos per user. On the desktop side, Photostreams and Sets are cleaned up in proper grid fashion as well and a share button rests up top for easy sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email and, of course, Tumblr. Single photos will now be displayed full screen -- the size options and white background have been nixed for the extra real estate.

The redesign is also coming to mobile devices on iOS and Android. In fact, the Android update should be available in the Play store as early as tonight. Flickr Pro is no longer available for purchase as many of the features have been tacked on to the free account. However, it appears that current paid subscribers won't encounter any immediate changes. For those that require more space, there's a paid "doubler" option that will up the storage limit to 2TB for $500 per year and an ad-free route is priced at $50 for 12 months. Take a look at the "Biggr" photos in the video walk through on the other side of the break. %Gallery-188892%

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