Twitter #Music adds new chart features

When Twitter launched its music discover service Twitter #Music last month, the service had a lot going for it. Spotify and Rdio support for streaming full songs, music discovery based on what was trending at the moment and the #NowPlaying feature that shows what your friends are listening to added a lot to the service. But it had one major flaw: It lacked specificity. It lacked charts that allowed you to see the top artists in genres, that you cared about. And now, that problem has been fixed.

Twitter has added genre charts to its Twitter #Music app in the hopes of helping you better find the music you're looking for. Currently there are 15 charts to browse; 10 genre stations (alternative, country, dance, metal, pop, etc.) and five specialty stations (superstars, popular, emerging, unearthed and hunted).

The genre charts are self-explanatory, and don't worry folk fans you're included there too, but the five other charts are worth taking a look at. Superstars and Popular focus on the mainstream music currently at the forefront of pop culture, while the Emerging and Unearthed charts list artists who bubbling under the service. Hunted, a nod to a service called We Are Hunted that Twitter recently acquired, aggregates music popular in blogs at the moment.

As of press time the new chart features are only available on the web version of the service. It's expected that the charts will be added to iOS in an upcoming update.