Google Glass exploration demonstrates a hidden browser and more (video)

Google Glass delve shows hidden browser, omnipresent voice and more video

While it's known that Google Glass has in-testing features just waiting to be exposed, we haven't seen many attempts to reveal them all. Zhuowei Zhang has stepped in with a complete list of what's under the hood, and it turns out that some of those features work... more or less. After modding the latest Glass firmware, Android Police can confirm that there is a functional Chrome browser lurking inside; Google just hasn't woven it into the user experience. Other Labs features produce similarly mixed results. OK Glass Everywhere lets users easily start a voice command chain from anywhere in the interface, but a video stabilization mode clearly isn't ready for prime time. Although you'll want to visit the source links for the full rundown, it's evident from just a cursory glimpse that Glass has plenty of room to grow.