Big updates coming for Skylanders, Real Racing 3

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|05.29.13

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Big updates coming for Skylanders, Real Racing 3

We've got news of two major updates coming to high profile iOS games recently. First up, Activision's Skylanders: Lost Islands (the iOS town-building title based on the very popular toy/game series) just got a new substantial update, featuring Facebook integration, and lots of new companions to place in your town. There's also a new feature called "#1 fans," which will have players finding little extra creatures to add power to their current Skylanders. If you have a little fan in your house, make sure to update the free app soon.

And second, EA's Real Racing 3 is getting a big update as well, with new tracks, new cars, and an official version of the Dubai Autodrome, a real racing location over in Dubai. That update, just like the game itself, will also be free, and should be out soon. Both of these games are already very popular, and these updates should make them even more so.

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