Points connected sign can show any place you need to go, what's up online (video)

Points connected sign shows you where to go and what's up

Most street signs aren't especially street-savvy when they can't change with the passing weeks, let alone the moment. Breakfast NY's new Points sign is much, much smarter. As long as it has an Ethernet or WiFi connection, it can spin its arrows toward locations on demand or as they become relevant, whether it's the local bar at night or a concert stage in the afternoon. The signage is also aware of what's happening, not just where: Points can tap into Foursquare, RSS feeds, Twitter and other sources to display trending hotspots, sports scores and other live updates. The curious can experiment with internet-connected demo signs today; Breakfast NY is taking rental requests now, with expectations that Points signs can deploy from July 1st onwards. As for pricing? You'll have to get a quote. While the company tells us that a days-long rental will likely involve a lower five-digit sum, it expects each order to be at least somewhat unique.

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JUNE 4, 2013 | Brooklyn, NY

Today Breakfast is releasing their latest product, Points, the most advanced and intelligent directional sign on Earth. Points looks as one may expect a directional sign to look... three arms pointing in different directions, each displaying text of a nearby destination. It's when the arms begin to rotate around towards new directions and the text begins to update that you realize you're looking at something much more cutting-edge. You're looking at the future of how people find where they're headed next.

At eye level there is a menu which displays different categories of content which Points can serve up. In the morning, the top button might point you towards local Coffee Shops, which switches to Lunch Spots around noon, and then eventually Pubs as happy hour approaches. Another button might serve up close-by events that are trending on Twitter, or the scores from the games going on right now.

Points pulls content from Foursquare, Twitter, local transportation APIs, RSS feeds and many other sources, but more importantly it can be expanded to work with almost any online data source and adapt to any location where it's installed.

To see a small sample of what the most advanced sign on Earth can do, visit the live stream of Points in action from Breakfast's office in Brooklyn. Points is harnessing all tweets tagged with #PointsSign and will point to each user's location while displaying their tweet.

Points will be ready for hire starting on July 1, 2013 and rental requests are now being taken. To rent Points, or for more information on pricing and logistics, visit and submit a rental request at the bottom of the page.

Future plans for Points include the ability to permanently install the signs in cities, theme parks, sports arenas and anywhere else. Anyone interested in purchasing Points once it becomes available should write to

For additional information and to see a live-stream of Points in action from Breakfast HQ, visit