TUAW TV Live: The inevitable WWDC preview show

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Steve: "Let's see ... Apple's got something coming up next week... Oh, yeah -- it's WorldWide Developer Conference week! Hey, Doc, why don't we do something really original, like a WWDC preview show!"

Doc: "Sure, Steve! What an original idea! Nobody has probably ever thought of that in the history of Apple podcasts!"

Noooo, we didn't have that conversation, but we probably could have. So we're going to talk a bit about what to expect or not expect at WWDC, look at photos sent by readers who were walking past Moscone West today, even reminisce about WWDC events and keynotes past.

You can watch it all in live streaming video here, as well as join in on the Chatroll fun. If you miss the show, it'll be embedded in this post within 24 hours and will also be on our YouTube channel.

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