GOWEX now beaming free WiFi to San Francisco from 450 smart zones

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Steve Dent
June 12th, 2013
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GOWEX now beaming free WiFi to San Francisco from 450 smart zones

Starting today, San Francisco residents will have something else to brag about besides their quality of life and hosting tech extravaganzas: free WiFi. The silicon valley hub joins New York and parts of France in receiving the service from provider GOWEX, which is now live in districts like Union Square and Marina thanks to 450 smart WiFi zones. As with the Big Apple, residents and tourists will see download speeds up to 1Mbps, while GOWEX will see dollars from carriers (via network offloading) and advertisers in return. To use it, you'll need to download the free iOS or Android apps from their respective stores -- which we might just do ourselves, considering a certain little developer's conference in town at the moment.

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GOWEX launches Free Wi-Fi in San Francisco

  • Following on from the launch of their Smart Wi-Fi Zones in New York City, GOWEX has moved to the West Coast with 450 Wi-Fi Smart Zones in San Francisco
  • Eight million residents and sixteen million annual visitors will now benefit from GOWEX Free-Wifi
  • The potential audience for GOWEX in the US is now nearly 100 million people per year

Madrid, June 11, 2013 -. GOWEX (GOW-MAB, ALGOW NYSE Alternext, LGWXY- OTCQX), a global leader in the creation of Wireless Smart Cities ® and Intelligent transportation access, announces the implementation of its Smart Wireless Project in San Francisco, with more than 450 Smart Wi-Fi zones.

Wi-Fi areas will first be launched in the main districts of San Francisco, and then rolled out to other areas.

San Francisco Wi-Fi by GOWEX

San Francisco is ranked second in the US, after Honolulu, for its quality of life. With over 16 million visitors annually, the city has today added another attraction - free Wi-Fi, with smart services available in neighborhoods including Union Square, the Financial District, Mission, Twin Peaks and Marina. As in New York, GOWEX will gain revenue through network offloading, smart advertising and roaming platforms, and a services derived Advertising Smart City project.
The Wi-Fi data download speed available can reach up to 1 Mb connection speed and helps relieve the pressure on other operators of 3G mobile networks, by enabling offloading, i.e. downloading, through GOWEX points.

GOWEX USA: San Francisco and New York

GOWEX arrives in San Francisco following the launch of 'New York Wi-Fi' in March this year, which saw great results in both the number of network users and advertising. The potential audience in the U.S. for GOWEX, including both tourists and residents in both cities, will now be close to 100 million people a year.

Extending the GOWEX footprint to large cities in the United States is a main element of the company's growth strategy; by increasing the number of potential users, extending the advertising market and improving technological development. San Francisco is also, importantly and famously, the home of many large global technology firms, located in areas such as Mountain View, Palo Alto and Silicon Valley.

Jenaro Garcia, GOWEX CEO commented that "GOWEX Wi-Fi in San Francisco is not only of great commercial and strategic value, it also has great symbolic value. GOWEX now offers a valuable service in a City that hosts the world's largest technology

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