GOWEX bringing free WiFi to French rail stations, starting with Marseille

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GOWEX bringing free WiFi to French rail stations, starting with Marseille

We take free WiFi at our transportation hubs for granted here in the US. (Heck, we've even got it deep in the bowels of NYC.) In other countries, it's not a given that you'll have high-speed broadband at your disposal while waiting for a train or plane. France is working on it though, with GOWEX signing a deal with the National Society of French Rail (SNCF) to bring wireless internet to rail stations across the nation. The first part of the puzzle will be the bustling Marseille St. Charles in the south of France. At some point in 2013 (though, the company refused to specify when) the switch will be flipped and tourists in and around the Marseille station will be able to enjoy 512Kbps internet for free. For a few more details check out the PR after the break.

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GOWEX signs an agreement with SNFC, biggest rail operator in France, to give Free WiFi in the Stations

• This agreement, allow to millions of tourist that visit Marseille, the European culture capital 2013, will enjoy of a 24 hour Free WiFi service in the interior and the exterior of the station in Marseille St. Charles
• GOWEX obtains the first agreement with a National transport society in France, making a decisive step with the purpose of changing the telecommunication scenery in the country with a free WiFi model "everywhere" Marseille, October 2nd

2012-. GOWEX (GOW-MAB, ALGOW-NYSE Alternext), company leader in the development of sustainable WiFi Smartcities, has signed an agreement with the National Society of French Rail (SNCF) making a first step on the objective of changing the telecommunication scenery in France, through the generalization of Free WiFi "everywhere". This first station launch contract will permit today to GOWEX to provide Free WiFi in "Marsella St. Charles", the principal station of Marseille.

Endorsed by their experience in developing WiFi Smart projects in Transport companies around the world, as the recently inaugurated in Metro de Paris, GOWEX has achieved their first agreement with a national transport company in France, SNCF principal rail operator in the country. That has over 100 million passengers in their high speed trains over a year. Also, the volume of activity makes them the second rail company in the European Union.

Free WiFi and low cost travelling in Marseille

This annual agreement makes the passengers at the station of "Marseille St. Charles" to be able to enjoy of a free 24 hours WiFi connection with a navigation speed 512 kbps, in the interior and in the outdoor esplanade.

At the station of Marseille St. Charles, regular passengers and the over 10 million tourists are expected to visit the capital attracted by the programmed cultural variety schedule with the motive of the announcement of Marseille, the Culture capital 2013, will be able to navigate for free with their mobile devices in the station and in the Narvik square. Marseille, tourist epicenter during next year and the second most populated city in France, it's the ideal place to continue the growth trajectory of development of WiFi smart cities in France and in the World of GOWEX.

Recently, SNCF has announced their low cost service of high speed trains (TGV) that operate in the axis Paris-Lyon-Marseille-Montpellier that will contribute to multiply considerable the volume of expected passengers for the next year, and consequently, the potential WiFi users in the station of St Charles.

How to connect for free in the stations?

To begin the navigation, the passengers will have to detect with their smart mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, netbooks etc.) the network WiFi_gratuit _gare_Marseille. Later on they will access to a validation page and after a quick registry, they will receive a sms and an email with the user and password that can navigate for free and unlimited 24 hour a day at a speed of 512 Kbit/s.

With the same identifier/login name, users will have the chance of connecting in all of the available wireless free networks of GOWEX in public spaces or transportation companies in Bordeaux, Paris Buenos Aires or Madrid and in over 60 cities all around the World. There is also a mobile app called GOWEX Free WiFi with iOs and Android version that will allow localization and automatic connection to the hotspots of the company.

Wireless Smart Transport

During the last 2 years, the company has contributed to the generalization of the Free Wifi connection in transportation in the World through remarking projects in Europe, providing wireless coverage without cost to users in urban transportation, intercity and tourist in Madrid, in stations in the underground of Paris, in Latin-American providing a Free WiFi service in the Subte (underground), Metrobus in Buenos Aires, and in Asia will offer wireless internet connection in the high speed trains that cover the route Beijing-Shanghai with the agreement established with CRSCS (second engineering TIC in rail transport in China).

"In GOWEX we are proud to be able to offer Free and unlimited WiFi in passenger's station in Marseille St. Charles. This initiative is an integrating part of the global strategy growth strategy of GOWEX, which consist in to impulse the recurrent income though the development of Wireless Smart cities and Wireless Smart transport, that has made us to obtain 19 WiFi project in transportation around the world," declares Jenaro García, CEO of GOWEX.

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