Boingo, Google Offers bring free WiFi to select Manhattan subway stations, let you tweet the heat

Boingo has surely overestimated New York City's desire to "soa[k] up the warm weather" this summer, but when it comes to complaining about the heat, no one does it like the Big Apple. And now, thanks to the hotspot provider (with some promotional help from the folks at Google Offers), Manhattanites will be able to do just that all over Twitter from the convenience of a handful of subway stations on 14th and 23rd street. The promotion begins today and runs through September 7th. Including the hashtag #FreeNYCWiFi puts you in the running for Boingo rewards. We also recommend #wheresthatdamnEtrain, which will surely be trending for the next few months. For a full list of stations, check out the source link below.