eyeSight software uses standard cameras to power 3D gesture controls (video)

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Melissa Grey
June 12, 2013 5:20 AM
eyeSight software uses standard cameras to power 3D gesture controls (video)

Turning regular ol' devices into motion-activated wonders is all the rage these days, and a company called eyeSight is determined to stand out from the pack. The brains behind eyeSight claim to have developed a purely software-based solution for equipping PCs, TVs and mobile devices with 3D gesture controls using existing standard cameras. It sounds like a pretty sweet deal, but it all comes down to whether or not eyeSight can deliver on its potential. If it can, then it could be a promising sign that gesture-controlled technology is on its way to becoming more accessible for budget-conscious consumers, since a software setup would negate the need for costly hardware. Currently, the platform is limited to developer SDKs, but you can watch an eyeSight-powered Google Earth demo after the break.

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June 11, 2013 02:31 PM Eastern Daylight Time

eyeSight Powers 3D Gesture Control with a Standard Camera

eyeSight offers 3D gesture control using a single standard camera, available in most digital devices. No need for additional hardware add-ons.
To demonstrate these capabilities, the company has transformed the Google Earth and Google Sky apps to become touch-free using gestures in 3D space.

ISRAEL & CUPERTINO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--eyeSight Technologies, a leading provider of gesture recognition technology, has announced today that its newest gesture control solution can detect depth and simulate 3D tracking using only a single standard camera, without the need for additional hardware.

The video of real-time 3D interaction released by eyeSight today shows a person navigating virtual streets and manipulating Google Earth by simply hovering the hand in front of the screen.

Watch the video here: http://bit.ly/15DqMQV

eyeSight's technology is 100% software-based. The cost and ease of integration means eyeSight has the potential to further accelerate the penetration of software-based gesture control technology across mass-market consumer devices such as PCs, Mobile phones, Tablets and TVs. The company is already active in products across these markets.

"For eyeSight it's all about delivering fresh and exciting user experiences," eyeSight's CEO Gideon Shmuel said. "We want to enable users to interact with their devices using natural gestures, and we believe adding such capabilities to our offering, create a new layer of intuitiveness that users want."

eyeSight's technology allows users to easily control various devices using simple hand and finger gestures. The company has also recently launched a single camera-based fingertip tracking solution, enabling highly detailed touch-free control of devices. eyeSight's technology can be integrated in a variety of digital devices from mobile phones, to tablets, PCs, TVs, set-top-boxes, in-car infotainment systems, and more camera-enabled devices.

eyeSight's technology has received excellent market traction, being featured in several high-profile devices including the Lenovo Yoga Ultrabooks, AMD APUs, among others.

eyeSight's 3D gesture control for standard cameras is available today.

For further information please contact eyesight@emlwildfire.com

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eyeSight software uses standard cameras to power 3D gesture controls (video)