Pink Floyd's entire back catalog headed to Spotify, sooner or later (update: available now)

Pink Floyd's back catalog headed to Spotify, sooner or later

There aren't as many big bands and artists holding out on streaming or downloaded music as there used to be, but there's unquestionably still some noticeable omissions on today's most popular services. One of those gaps now looks set to be filled, though, as a tweet from the official Pink Floyd Twitter account has all but confirmed that the band's entire back catalog will soon be available to stream on Spotify. The catch is that it'll only be available once "Wish You Were Here" is streamed a million times. Not quite as original as a flying pig as far as publicity stunts go, to be sure, but we're not ones to discourage you from listening to a little Floyd on repeat.

Update: Well, it looks like it only took a weekend for Spotify to reach its goal. The company's confirmed that "Wish You Were Here" has been listened to over one million times as of this morning, and that the rest of Pink Floyd's songs are now available for streaming as a result.