Led Zeppelin embraces iTunes, Eminem sues

It looks like Apple has more than just 3 billion songs sold to celebrate, as it's now managed to bring longtime hold-outs Led Zepplin into the iTunes fold. The band isn't quite going all out, however, with it instead simply offering greatest hits of sorts called "Mothership," which will include 'Stairway to Heaven', 'Whole Lotta Love,' 'Dazed and Confused' and other songs personally selected Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones. Look for it to be available on November 12th. In other iTunes news, Apple appears to have found itself on Eminem's bad side (again), with the rapper and his music publisher now suing the company over, you guessed it, alleged copyright violations. As The Detroit News reports, Eminem's music publisher and copyright manager are claiming that they never actually authorized Universal to offer Eminem's music on iTunes in the first place, and they're now asking Apple to cease and desist its reproduction and distribution. Not surprisingly Apple doesn't appear to be quite ready to comply with that, although it's so far staying mum on the matter.

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