Path's Windows Phone beta app on the Lumia 1020 hands-on (video)

Brian Heater
B. Heater|07.11.13

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Path's Windows Phone beta app on the Lumia 1020 hands-on (video)

Today's 41 Million Reasons event was all about the hardware -- and, to a lesser extent, proprietary software -- so it's no surprise that third-party app developers weren't exactly front and center. Nokia did give them a little more time after the show, however, with tables stationed around Lumia 1020 demos. We used the opportunity to take a gander at a beta version of Path's forthcoming Windows Phone app, which the company was, naturally, showing off on Nokia's hot new offering. And there's no question why, really, as this version takes plenty of advantage of the Lumia's photo focus.

The app also takes some visual cues from Microsoft's mobile operating system. On the phone's homescreen, Path's tile offers a number, cluing you in to how many new posts you've got. Fire it up, and you'll get your feed, as with Android and iOS, including photos, videos, check-ins and the like. Swipe to the right and the app uses the Windows Pivot navigation to take you to tiles with pending friend requests and your existing friends. As for Nokia exclusives, the company's early access to handset maker's imaging SDK brings 50 additional filters for pictures.

The app is scheduled for the "coming months". In the meantime, you can check out a video demo below.

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Edgar Alvarez contributed to this report.

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