Evernote adds shortcuts, related notes and Skitch support for iOS apps

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John-Michael Bond
July 19th, 2013
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Evernote adds shortcuts, related notes and Skitch support for iOS apps

Good news, note hoarders. Evernote has released a new major update that brings new Shortcut and Skitch features to the already powerful app. Shortcuts works as a sort of Favorites, giving users quick assess to their most commonly used tags, notebooks and notes. Worry not multiple-device users, your shortcuts sync across platforms, meaning you'll never be without your list.

The second major feature is integration with Skitch, an already popular service owned by Evernote, used for marking up images and PDF files. Now you can annotate and doodle to your heart's content by simply pressing the Skitch icon in your menu bar. This feature requires that you already have the Skitch app installed on your iOS device.

Premium users also get a new Related Notes feature that does exactly what it sounds like. At the bottom of each note the service suggests other notes that share tags and themes with what you're currently viewing.

Regardless of whether you pay or simply live off the free service, the latest from Evernote is worth finding your way over to the update screen. If you still haven't downloaded the service, you can grab it from iTunes here.

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