Nokia said to be prepping Bluetooth 4.0 'Treasure Tag' accessory for Lumias

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Nokia is planning to release a Bluetooth accessory for its Lumia lineup called the "Treasure Tag," according to various sources. A report from The Verge tallies with a previous mention on Yahoo's message boards that names the tag, which could be a reason Nokia's adding Bluetooth 4.0 and LE support to Lumias via the impending Amber update. Apparently, the tag features NFC for easy pairing and can be set up and tracked using a Windows Phone 8 app that'll incorporate Nokia's LiveSight AR tech. It's also said that a button on the Treasure Tag will reveal the location of a misplaced phone using an audible notification, if it's in range of the accessory. It could look like the above diagram, is allegedly launching in "the coming weeks," and is thought to be one of several planned accessories that'll make use of the Bluetooth 4.0 standard.

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