Samsung Galaxy Folder flaunts its dual-screen flip design for the camera

Samsung Galaxy Folder flaunts its dualscreen flip design for the camera

Samsung may have already spoiled the Galaxy Folder's upcoming launch, but it hasn't given us a peek at a real, live device. Contributors to's forums claim to have what we're missing, however -- they've posted a trio of photos that appear to reveal the dual-screen Android clamshell in earnest. In line with the schematics we saw earlier, the Galaxy Folder should be an evolution of the W2013 from last fall. Its most visible change is an update to Galaxy S 4-era software. Other new external elements amount to subtle tweaks, such as the gold-like side trim and a camera key that replaces the W2013's dual-SIM button. Not that we'd accuse Samsung of playing it safe with the Galaxy Folder -- in a conservative handset market, it could be daring to produce an LTE-equipped Android flip phone in the first place.