Outages affect App Store, iBookstore, Mac App Store, and iTunes for some users today

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Users of Apple's various online stores including the App Store, Mac App Store, iTunes and iBookstore saw outages today from 11:23 AM to 1:54 PM ET. According to Apple, the outages only affected "some users," but those users were unable to download previously purchased content or restore apps from iCloud.

The company has faced a wide range of outages this year across various services for users and developers alike. As Apple and other companies begin to require more and more online connectivity from customers to use the apps, content and services they pay for, these outages will begin to impact more users ability to get what they've paid for. Thankfully these outages have been short-term, lasting only a number of hours in each case. As of this posting, all services are back online except FaceTime, for which "some users" are still seeing issues.

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