App Store's revenue grew 15% between February and July

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John-Michael Bond
August 16th, 2013
App Store's revenue grew 15% between February and July

The analytics wizards at Distimo have released their July report on mobile trends, this time comparing the top apps for the App Store, Google Play and Amazon's Appstore for Android. Tucked away in their findings, however, is an interesting look at how Apple's App Store for iOS has grown in the last six months.

Between February and July of 2013 the App Store grew by 15 percent while Google Play saw its own store grow by 67 percent. While the discrepancy between each store's growth rate may seem unfavorable for Apple, it's important to point out the App Store still generated more than twice as much revenue as Google Play during that same period. (It's easier to grow by big percentages from a smaller base, in other words.)

The app that generated the most revenue globally, Candy Crush Saga, was the same for each company, meaning that regardless of what kind of smartphone your friends are working with, you're probably being asked for candy assistance on Facebook at this given moment.

Interestingly, none of the normally paid apps that were offered for free as part of Apple's App Store 5th Anniversary sale made it into July's top five free paid apps. BADLAND came close, but was unable to move past number six on the charts. The next closest anniversary sale title to chart in the Top 10 was Infinity Blade II, at number nine.

Worldwide, the United States spends the most money on apps, followed by Japan and South Korea, which account for a majority of the growth Google Play's store enjoyed during the six-month period.

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