Dollar Store Accessories: Velcro cable zips

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Dollar Store Accessories: Velcro cable zips

My Dollar Store regularly sells Velcro cable zips, offering between five and 10 for a dollar. Sometimes they're black (as shown here); other times they're rainbow-colored.

The Dollar Store version was my gateway drug. When I discovered I could buy the same zips in bulk over at Amazon (100 ties for US$9.83), I immediately pulled out my credit card and bought a bag. It's not that I saved all that much compared to the Dollar Store price; it's just that these ties are insanely useful.

The hole at the top of each tie is critical. It allows you to thread the tie onto a cable, where it stays until you're ready to wind it up. I now have these attached to my millions of Apple USB cables that, during a regular day, get attached, unattached and re-attached to a variety of iOS devices.

These cable zips have decluttered my desktop and parts boxes, especially since I have so many review items passing through my life at any one time as well as development devices that need plugging and unplugging.

You may not need to be ordering them by the 100s, as I ended up doing, which is why the Dollar Store versions play such a nice role for most people. You can pick up a card of five or 10 at a time and use them to improve your life and your organization.

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