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Native Union gets Victorian with Monocle, a hybrid handset for the hipster crowd

Native Union gets Victorian with Monocle, a hybrid handset for the hipster crowd
Melissa Grey
Melissa Grey|@meligrey|September 5, 2013 1:36 PM

Native Union is known for finding inspiration in retro form factors -- as we saw with the Pop Phone -- and the company is going even more old school with its latest offering: Monocle. The epitome of faux-vintage hipster chic, Monocle is equal parts speaker, handset and speakerphone. If, for some reason, you ever come across another intrepid soul carrying a Monocle, the devices can be linked together in a daisy chain, letting you listen in on each other's calls and boost your speaker power. This triple threat launches tomorrow on Native Union's website (linked below), with a starting price of £40 (roughly $62). If you're so inclined to add this curious accessory to your collection, may we suggest pairing it with an actual monocle? After all, nothing says street cred like a monocle overdose.

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Native Union proudly introduces a revolutionary new speaker + handset + speakerphone


NATIVE UNION is known for the simple concept of bringing people together by unconventional means. The Native Union Design Lab has developed MONOCLE - a revolutionary new speaker, handset and speakerphone that allows us to enjoy music and calls in a fresh new way- however and wherever you are. The innovative MONOCLE can be used with a smartphone, laptop or tablet. Transcending boundaries, the MONOCLE is much more than just a handset. It's anything but ordinary.

More than a speaker

High-powered miniature speaker ensuring optimal sound, the MONOCLE is a speaker to listen to music on the go. Hold it up to your ear like a headphone, or play it out loud like a compact boom box. For a bigger sound, the MONOCLE can daisy-chain together with up to 10 other MONOCLES.

More than a handset

Wear it your way – attach MONOCLE to your bag with the loop allowing you to take calls and listen to your music more freely. Constructed with an ultra resistant nylon reinforced cable and a full duplex enabled microphone, the MONOCLE provides clarity of voice, allowing you to take calls and check your phone screen at the same time. Additionally, branch up to 2 devices to share calls and music discretely. This feature is perfect for anyone on the go.

More than a speakerphone

Conference calls can be made with multiple MONOCLE users allowing for more than one person to listen in privately, or a bigger sound for each member to hear the call more clearly.

Launching exclusively at Colette, Paris on September 2nd and available at nativeunion.com from early September. Get yours in six statement colours: Coral Red, Mint Green, Marine Blue, Slate Grey, Black Copper or Black Metal. Go ahead – WEAR IT YOUR WAY.

Native Union gets Victorian with Monocle, a hybrid handset for the hipster crowd