Scosche boltBOX retractable Lightning cable: a colorful accompaniment to your new iPhone

Scosche always has a pile of new products coming out for the electronic toys in our life, and just recently they sent a very timely item for review. It's a new retractable USB to Lightning cable that's perfect for charging your new iPhone 5c or 5s, or any other Lightning-compatible Apple product for that matter. The boltBOX (US$24.99) is a handy power and sync cable that won't tangle, and it comes in colors that will make your iPhone 5c feel right at home.

The boltBOX is a fairly small 2.125" x 1.625" x .6875" (5.4 x 4.1 x 1.75 cm) bi-color box. Each box comes with a primary color -- the one I have is bright green like the image above -- and a secondary shade of either black or grey. Available color choices are green, black, white, blue, red and pink. It's a lightweight 1.3 oz (37 gm), and has a USB cable neatly tucked into one end and a Lightning connector on the other. Drop it into your favorite bag or a pocket, and it's not going to get tangled with anything.

To extend the cable up to 3 feet (.91 m), pop the cable ends out with a finger, grab the USB and Lightning connectors, and pull. The cable locks into place for charging or backups. When you're done, just grab the loose ends again and pull to unlock, and the cables retract into the box. Push the cable ends back into their respective slots on the boltBOX where they're magnetically held into place and it's ready for storage.

Unlike several other similar products I've tested in the past, the boltBOX felt very solid and the mechanism worked beautifully over repeated extensions and retractions. For the person who wants a Lightning cable that won't tangle, the boltBOX is a top-notch solution. At about $5 less than Apple's Lightning cable (granted, Apple's product is 2 m long...), it's also less expensive than what you could pick up at the Apple Store.

Scosche accessories are available not only through the company's website, but at a number of brick and mortar retailers as well.