Dollar Store Accessories: Screen Protector

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Dollar Store Accessories: Screen Protector

Full disclosure: I don't entirely get the point of screen protectors. My screens, from touch-based to desktop, have all survived entirely fine until this moment without them.

The dollar store iPad-specific screen protector comes with an entire page of directions on the obverse of the container. You clean the screen with the provided cloth ("in a dust-free environment"). You then pull back the plastic backing about an inch, align and then press and work your way down the tablet screen.

The cleaning cloth is about 3 x 3 inches in size, made of a silky material and did a pretty awesome job in cleaning the grime off both my tablet and my glasses -- it's now been tucked into my backpack for further glasses work. So good win on that!

That's where the good news ends.

The protector itself comes in a separate bag with a stiff backing. I carefully peeled down my "about an inch," aligned the home button hole and carefully, carefully tried to lay down the sheet and peel of the back with perfect precision.

It didn't work.

No matter how hard I tried to gently maneuver the protector down, I was faced with endless air bubbles. The more I tried to fix this, the worse it got.

Once applied (bubbles and all), the protector clung strongly to my screen, offering a pretty slick and shiny (and bubbly) protective surface. I had no problem using fingers and styluses, and the responsiveness was good.

I suspect this product was made for people more detail-oriented and more dextrous than I am.

As is, I'm giving the cleaning cloth one star, but at least for me this screen protector wasn't worth my buck.

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