Line messaging app update adds distinctly Vine-ish Snap Movie feature

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Mat Smith
September 24, 2013 6:04 AM
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Line messaging app update adds distinctly Vine-ish Snap Movie feature

Line is all about stickers. Or adorable mascots. Or stickers of said adorable mascots. But this time around, it's looking to tap into that rich Vine vein of short video-clip sharing. Initially on iOS (but Android will get the feature soon), you can now craft a 4-10 second short, with the ability to add your own choice of music in the background. The Snap Movie (that's what Line's calling it) will then play, on loop, forever, on your own timeline within the app. The update also expands users' photo and video-sharing capacity too and you can now make up to 100 albums (each housing 100 photos). If you're not exactly sure how those mini-videos are going to work, Line's been kind enough to offer up a free tutorial -- and check out a Line-sanctioned video example after the break.

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