Line VoIP and instant messaging app reaches 100 million global users in 19 months

The likes of WhatsApp and Skype might still dominate the west, but Line continues to soak up new users in Asia and across the world. Since October 2012, the ever-expanding messaging app has managed to add just shy of 30 million new users -- the biggest jump in new users yet. The total includes iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and feature phone iterations, with Line now claiming the app top spot in 41 app stores worldwide. And to celebrate the milestone? It's made a charming video (embedded after the break) with a handful of its adorable characters.

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NHN 'line', the number of subscribers exceeded 100 million people

NHN subsidiary of NHN Japan's global mobile messenger line (LINE) '18, the service launched about 19 ​​months embroidery 1 billion people around the world join surpassed. communications lines through a PC or mobile device, voice calls and instant messaging features are available to subscribers with free service was launched last June 2011. Overseas users soared in regions such as East Asia, Middle East, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, in October 2011 after massive chugeo, free voice calls and features such as stickers, Russia and neighboring countries in 2012, in Spain, Chile and Mexico available in the region, including Spanish-speaking increasing the current week about 300 new subscribers manmyeongssik is increasing. As a result, 19 months after launch services today (18 days), the world join embroidery 100 million mark was Twitter about 49 months * 1, the period spent 1 billion subscribers in achieving Twitter or Facebook and Facebook about 54 months * 2, line comparison of a rapidly growing and you can see that in 2012, 'Hello, Friends in Tokyo' conference held in Tokyo, Japan, in July a new platform service line channels (LINE Channel) 'was released. A solid user base line and 80.3 percent from the line channels' highest monthly active users (MAU, Monthly Active User) ratio, based on a variety of interlocking App service was introduced, and so far 24 species of interlocking App (wepaep except) surpassed 1 billion cumulative release, download , especially last year, 'line games' began in earnest in November, has surpassed 10 million downloads in the 12 days of service launches Pop 'line', as well as 12 games while providing. Line game is the current cumulative total of 70 million cases surpassed the other hand, the line number of subscribers exceeded 100 million people, which commemorates today (18th) from 7 days to users of daily one line of popular paid sticker free progress that event