Maxthon updates iOS browser with 'shake-and-send' cloud push and more

Nicole Lee
N. Lee|09.26.13

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Nicole Lee
September 26th, 2013
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Maxthon updates iOS browser with 'shake-and-send' cloud push and more

It's been a long while since Maxthon updated its iOS app, and hot on the heels of iOS 7, it finally has. Not only does it offer the usual speed and performance enhancements, the latest update to the mobile browser also reveals easier access to social media, a unique "shake-and-send" feature that lets you send content to the cloud by shaking the phone, localization in 15 more languages and a new "Push Away Menu" that supposedly helps you navigate the web one-handed. Seeing as Safari didn't get a ton of updates with iOS 7, it might prove useful to hit the source and seek out a possible alternative.

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Maxthon Brings Enhanced Performance and Superior User Experience to iPhone and iPad Web Browsing

New Updates Include Shake-and-Send Cloud Push and Localized Content in 15 Languages
San Francisco, CA, September 26, 2013 – Maxthon, a global software company that develops state-of-the-art web browsers, today released an updated version of its iOS browser, featuring speed and performance enhancements, 'shake and send' sharing capabilities and localized content in 15 languages.

"Web browsing on iOS is the 'poorer relation' to otherwise strong iOS feature set." said Jeff Chen, CEO of Maxthon. "Maxthon's new iOS browser fills those holes and then some. It's a faster, more convenient and user-friendly way to experience the web on your iPhone or iPad." Maxthon's new iOS browser also features:
· Superior Social Integration: Easily share content to social channels anywhere and anytime from within the browser with just the click of a button.
· Optimized Sharing, 'Shake and Send:' Push content to the cloud and access multiple sharing options, such as "shake and send" that enables users to easily share content by simply shaking their device.
· Localized Content: Local news, content and services available in 15 languages that gives users easy-to-access info
· Optimized one-handed use: Elegant features, such as the "Push Away Menu" allows users to easily view content and navigate the web seamlessly with one hand. Perfect for on-the-go surfing.
"Every day the focus of web browsing and content consumption shifts away from desktop computers and more toward mobile," said Karl Mattson, VP ofMaxthon's International Division. "Web browsers need to change along with that to become more optimized for mobile. Maxthon's updated iOS browser is a reflection of our larger vision to shift with that migration and continue our history of making the web easier, faster and optimized for whatever device our customers use.

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