Storyteller app for Windows Phone and Windows 8 appears in leaked screenshots

@evleaks is at it again. This time the prolific leaker has blasted out two screen grabs of an app called Storyteller, which made a Live Tile-cameo in the alleged screencap of a Nokia Bandit, an oversized Windows Phone 8 device. The app appears to be a Windows 8 and WP photo album that lets users sift through images by timeline, favorites and shared, or browse them on a map. A close look at the top right of the application meant for larger devices reveals a "My tablet" menu, suggesting it boasts integration with slates. Given that @evleaks mentions Bandit, Espoo's long-rumored Sirius pad and October 22nd event date, it's a safe bet that we'll see new hardware -- and at least one new app -- this fall.