Google launches cloud-based tools for iPhone developers and they're beautiful

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Google launches cloud-based tools for iPhone developers and they're beautiful

It's never been easier to build an app than it is in the modern era, but thanks to Google, it's just gotten a lot easier. Today Google is launching its cloud-based development toolset for iOS, giving developers access to cheap, easy and free options for connecting to Google's cloud services. Android developers gained access to the tools this past April, but this is their iOS debut.

Google's Mobile Backend Starter for iOS provides a quick and easy backend for your app and gives you access to cloud data storage that can be shared between users, device-to-device push notifications, device notifications of data changes and the ability to authenticate users via their Google Accounts.

Google has provided a clear and simple walkthrough of how to get started with the new service here. Thanks to Google's options for taking care of the mobile backend of your app, you'll be able to focus on what really matters: writing your app. Head over to Google Cloud Platform to take a look at exactly what Google's offerings are. It's a remarkable program right now, but given Google's history of taking something remarkable and improving it with time, we can't wait to see what tools they add to the service in the future.

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