ColecoVision project promises officially licensed gaming nostalgia (video)

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ColecoVision project promises officially licensed gaming nostalgia (video)

Rantmedia Games has a knack for rekindling childhood gaming memories -- see its uncannily accurate Vectrex Regeneration as proof. We're glad to hear, then, that the developer wants to revive our nostalgia once more with its upcoming ColecoVision app. The crowdfunded project has all the necessary licensing to recreate both Coleco's system and 20-plus classic games, promising as authentic a Zaxxon experience as you'll get without the hardware in hand. Rantmedia also hopes to foster a competitive streak with leaderboards, achievements and player challenges. Should the company reach its $250,000 funding goal, it expects to release an iOS version of the software by March. The firm also wants to target Android, the PlayStation Vita and desktops, although additional OS support will depend on feedback. Whatever platforms the ColecoVision app supports, it's clear that anyone with a soft spot for Choplifter will want to chip in $10 or more at the source link.

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CHICAGO and CARDIFF, 7 October 2013 – Rantmedia Games, a top developer and publisher of retro games, is pleased to announce the 'Kickstarter' campaign to bring back ColecoVision – the classic retro games console from the early 1980s.

In collaboration with Coleco Holdings, the project plans to re-introduce the iconic ColecoVision games compilation and will be available on the App Store, plus potentially other platforms depending on the amount raised.

To back the project, please go to: (final URL to be confirmed)

The ColecoVision project will be a faithful recreation of the original ColecoVision console – launched just over 31 years ago. At launch, 20 fully licensed titles will be available. The ColecoVision was so beloved by its community that developers have continued to create games for the system. It is planned that in addition to the 20 original titles, many homebrew titles will also be included in the release.

Games available at launch will include:

Antarctic Adventure, Ken Uston's BlackJack/Poker, Bump 'n' Jump, Brain Strainers, Destructor, Fortune Builder, Frenzy, Jumpman, Jumpman Junior, Jungle Hunt, Montezuma's Revenge, Ms. Space Fury, Pepper II, Space Fury, Super Action Boxing, Super Action Football, Super Action Baseball, Super Action Soccer, Zaxxon

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