Rogers caves to demand, will carry the BlackBerry Z30 after all

Nicole Lee
N. Lee|10.10.13

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Nicole Lee
October 10th, 2013
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Rogers caves to demand, will carry the BlackBerry Z30 after all

In a rather surprising about-face, Rogers announced today that despite earlier assertions to the contrary, the Canadian carrier will, indeed, carry the newly announced BlackBerry Z30. It initially told The Globe and Mail that it was going to pass on the latest BlackBerry handset due to limited shelf space and wanting to just pick "the biggest winners." However, apparently there was such demand for the phone from BlackBerry loyalists that Rogers has changed its tune. In a statement released today, Rogers not only states that this was in response to "customers' feedback and excitement about the device" but that it also has a "longstanding partnership with BlackBerry" and will "continue to be big supporters of the company and their products." There's no pricing or availability just yet, though Rogers did say it'll be available online, through its national reservation system and to its enterprise customers. So, if you're a Rogers customer who simply must get your hands on the latest handset from Waterloo, you're in luck. Because, let's face it, you might not have the chance ever again.

Update: Of course, the news could have come at a better time, since Rogers is dealing with a nationwide wireless outage affecting "voice and some SMS services" that has stretched on for several hours.

Update 2: As of 11:43PM, according to the company's Twitter account wireless voice and SMS services have been restored.

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Statement: Rogers to carry the Blackberry Z30
October 09, 2013
Toronto, ON (October 9, 2013) - In response to customers' feedback and excitement about the device, Rogers looks forward to offering the new Z30 to its customers.

"We have a longstanding partnership with Blackberry and continue to be big supporters of the company and their products. Rogers will be making the device available online, through our national reservation system and directly to our business to business customers. We're pleased to add the new Z30 to our roster of Blackberry smartphones, which includes the Z10, Q10 and Q5."

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