Rogers snubs the BlackBerry Z30, leaves Canadian sales to Bell and Telus

If current sales of the BlackBerry Z10 are any indication, it'd take a leap of faith to believe that the BlackBerry Z30 will fare much better. Now, Rogers is telling The Globe and Mail that it won't carry the 5-inch Z30 at all, which the Canadian carrier says is due to its limited shelf space and the need to "pick what we think are the biggest winners." The news is certainly a blow to BlackBerry, but it also forces consumers to choose between switching to Bell or Telus -- which will carry the Z30 -- or to compromise at Rogers with a BlackBerry Z10 or Q10. It's also quite a reversal from earlier this year, when Rogers celebrated the Z10's arrival as the most successful BlackBerry launch in the carrier's history.

Now, it seems that Rogers' decision could be part of an unsettling trend, as T-Mobile USA recently chose to remove all BlackBerry smartphones from store shelves and instead sell them only through its online outlet. Naturally, determined Rogers subscribers may opt to purchase an unlocked Z30, which FCC reports suggest will offer LTE support over both the AWS and 2,600MHz bands. Consider it a very expensive 'Plan B.'