Talkcast tonight, 10pm ET: Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday!

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Michael Rose
October 20th, 2013
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Talkcast tonight, 10pm ET: Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday!

All-new dial-in experience! See below -- do not call into Talkshoe, we won't be there. Be sure to set up Fuze Meeting before the show if you want to join in live.

It's Sunday, and it's time for the TUAW talkcast! Looking ahead to this coming Tuesday, it's the all-speculation, all-anticipation edition of the Talkcast. Apple's autumnal "everything but the iPhone" event is right around the corner, so what will we see? (And what won't we see?) And what does Apple's recent hiring spree focused on fashion-industry executive veterans mean for it all?

Bring your speculatin' shoes and your opinions to our free-for-all, come-as-you-are weekly live podcast. We'll be joined by some special guests and it should be a blast!

Join us at 10pm ET, won't you? With some help from the fine folks at Fuze, we're using Fuze Meeting to record the show (rather than the legacy Talkshoe system). This should let everyone listen in live -- and, if you want, raise your hand as you would in the Talkshoe room to get unmuted and chime in.

You can join the call in progress (meeting # is 20099010) at 10 pm ET from any computer via this link; if you download the Mac or Windows Fuze clients ahead of time, you'll get better audio and a slicker experience. Just click the phone icon to join the audio once you're in.

Using an iPhone or iPad? Grab the native clients from the App Store and get busy. (Even Android users can join the party.) Still feel like using the conventional phone dial-in? Just call 775-996-3562 and enter the meeting number 20099010, then press #.

While the Fuze web and native clients have a chat channel, we'd like to reserve that for host participants, requests to talk and other real-time alerts... so the full-on chat for the show will appear in this very post at 10 pm tonight. You'll need Twitter, Facebook or Chatroll credentials to participate in the chat. We'll remind everyone to check back in at that time.

Your patience and forbearance with our new tech is appreciated in advance. For the time being, the podcast feed of the show will continue to originate from Talkshoe and should be there within 24-36 hours. See you tonight!

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