Hulu Plus for iOS updated with Chromecast streaming for iPhone

At the beginning of the month, Google announced that Hulu Plus for iOS had been updated to support Chromecast streaming from the iPad. At the time, the update was met with some jeers as many use Hulu Plus on their iPhone. However, those users have to fret no more as the Hulu Plus app has been updated today to feature Chromecast streaming from the iPhone as well:

What's New in Version 3.3.1
Start casting your favorite TV shows and Movies on Chromecast from Hulu Plus, now from your iPhone (iOS6 and above)

Users of a Chromecast now simply only have to press the Cast button, which will now appear in the iPhone app right next to the AirPlay button to send their Hulu video to their TV via Chromecast. Hulu Plus is a free download. Google's Chromecast costs US$35.