Nokia's answer to the iPod Shuffle might look a lot like an iPod Shuffle

Serial party spoiler @evleaks has already shown us Nokia's forthcoming Lumia 1520 and 2520, but now he claims to have a leaked image of something much, much smaller. The picture shows a basic audio device that, he says, is similar to Apple's entry-level music player, except that it has NFC to allow easy pairing to either a smartphone or to other speakers and headphones. There's also a microUSB charging and/or sync port, as well as some very simple controls, although we can't see if there are any buttons on the far side. As to whether this thing -- which may be called the "Guru" -- is just another Bluetooth receiver and DAC for headsets (like Nokia's existing BH-221), or whether it has local storage and other features of its own, we'll probably find out tomorrow.