Flipboard finally makes its appearance on Windows 8.1

Fans of Flipboard's curated content experience that are running Windows 8.1 have had to go without a native app on their Microsoft-powered machines, until today. That's right folks, after promising it was coming, the app is finally here. And with it comes the ability to pin specific sections, magazines or a general Flipboard live tile to your Start screen. Naturally, this version of Flipboard's been tailored to take advantage of Win8's gestures as well, so a swipe up provides buttons to subscribe, refresh, edit and flip things, while pulling down from the top lets you see additional content from contributors or stuff others are reading. And, the app supports Windows' snap feature, so you can use Flipboard side-by-side with other programs. Should you wish to see for yourself before you decide to download, a video walkthrough awaits after the break.