Southwest Airlines now allows gadget use during takeoff and touchdown, offers WiFi that works gate to gate

Soon, Delta and JetBlue will have the right to say they've adopted the FAA's new electronics policy before it was cool. Still, not everyone's just following suit -- the latest carrier to allow passengers to use mobile devices during takeoff and landing, Southwest, says it's adding something extra. According to the company, it's the only US airline offering gate-to-gate WiFi that keeps you connected the whole flight, including stops and transfers. That's made possible by the company's satellite-based WiFi technology, which (unlike the Gogo tech that many rival airlines use) works even if a plane isn't 10,000 feet up in the air. You know what's even better, though? Southwest isn't jacking up the price for the gate-to-gate privileges: it'll still cost the same $8 per device the airline currently charges.

[Image credit: Michael Dorausch, Flickr]