Slip Stopper keeps your iPad mini in your hand or on the dash

iPad mini owners who want to eliminate the need for bulky protective cases by minimizing the chances of dropping the device in the first place are going to be happy with Slip Stopper's latest product for Apple's littlest tablet. The Slip Stopper iPad mini Gel Skin Case (available for US$29.99 in midnight black or marble white) originally started out as a Kickstarter project by Mark Zhang back in 2012, and the company is now making the "almost naked" iPad mini and iPhone skins available online.

The Slip Stopper comes adhered to a backing in three pieces. One covers the back of the device, leaving a "hole" for the Apple logo, another covers the bottom bezel of the device, and a third covers the top bezel. It's made from a epoxy resin material, but that shouldn't scare you away from putting it onto your iPad mini -- it uses a 3M-produced backing that allows you to take it off and put it back on as often as you'd like.

Installing the Slip Stopper takes no time at all -- I was able to line up the three pieces and stick them to the iPad mini in about a minute. Once installed, you'll find that your mini will no longer slide out of your hand! It's not sticky to the touch, but the material just keeps things from sliding. Put the mini on a smooth desktop, and you'll have to tip the desk at an ungodly angle to get it to slide off. Even more amazing, you can take your iPad mini and literally stick it to a glass door or window! Don't believe me? Watch the video below for proof:

Seriously, you could probably put a Slip Stopper-encased iPad mini or iPhone onto the hood of a car and drive around without it sliding off (Note: do not try this unless you have a device that you do not care about losing!). I took a "test drive" with my iPad mini perched on the dashboard of my car and it didn't move an inch, even when I took some corners at pretty high speeds.

What's really cool is that the Slip Stopper doesn't add any weight and adds just a little thickness to your mini, so it's not as if you're putting it into a case. In fact, I was able to put the iPad mini -- dressed in a marble white Slip Stopper -- into two different cases with no problems.

I hate to say it, but I was really skeptical about the claims back when the iPhone version of the Slip Stopper was on Kickstarter. Count me in as one of the converted -- it's quite the amazing product for keeping your iPad mini from sliding off of a surface, improving the grip of the device in your hand, and even for sticking it to windows or doors.


If you don't need or want 360-degree protection for your iPad mini, but do want a way to improve your grip on the device, then the Slip Stopper is the answer.


  • Inexpensive

  • Can be removed and re-installed numerous times, and is easy to install

  • Great for slapping an iPad mini up on a window temporarily

  • Will keep your device from slipping on most surfaces

  • Adds an amazing amount of grip to your iPad mini without feeling sticky


  • Doesn't protect the sides or the display of the iPad mini (you can use the Slip Stopper with Apple's Smart Cover for the iPad mini)

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who uses an iPad mini in a car or on a surface that's slick