23andMe stops selling DNA health tests following FDA crackdown (updated)

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If you've been mulling over getting screened by 23andMe for genetic risks like cancer, we're afraid you'll have to look elsewhere. The company has just announced that it's suspending sales of its health-related personalized DNA kits its health-related genetic tests to comply with the FDA's order, as the agency has yet to conduct tests to prove its accuracy. In a blog post on the company website, co-founder Anne Wojcicki says she's "committed to making sure that 23andMe is a trusted consumer product." For now, the company is focusing on research and ensuring those who purchased a kit before November 22nd still get their results. Folks who bought one after that date will, unfortunately, have to make do with a refund. Oh, and it's worth adding that the company will still offer paternity testing and will happily send you your raw genetic data -- there just won't be any color commentary provided alongside.

Update (12/7/13): Well, it looks like 23andMe will continue selling test kits, just not returning health reports to anyone who bought after November 22nd, while the company continues its dialogue with the FDA. A spokesperson told us anyone who buys a kit can still get the firm's Personal Genome Service, which includes genetic ancestry information and raw genetic data.

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