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Study: General public prefers iOS 7 system icons


As users wait for the official debut of iOS 7, the new operating system's design is getting a wide range of responses from across the internet opinion machine. It's easy to look at a few blogs and think you've got an idea of what the general consensus about the redesign is, but that's a pretty small sample size. Thankfully Polar, a mobile polling tool from Input Factory, has launched a poll to gauge the response between the old and new icons by the general public.

Over 95,000 votes have been cast and the results are overwhelmingly positive towards the new icons. The new minimalist icons for Phone, Newsstand, Mail, Music, Photos, Video, FaceTime, Messages, Contacts, Notes, Compass, App Store, Weather, Calendar, Clock and iTunes all received high marks from voters by a wide margin.

There were a few exceptions for voters however. Voters were not impressed with the new takes on Camera, Game Center, Safari and Reminders. Still the margins by which the iOS 6 icons won over iOS 7 were nowhere near as large as those enjoyed by the more popular iOS 7 icons.

Considering this is the first major overhaul of iOS' design since its launch, there are sure to be some growing pains for some longtime fans. It's the nature of technology. Thankfully we live in a modern era where there is Twitter for sharing our annoyance in the most charming ways possible.

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