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Nintendo launches refurbished 3DS XL consoles, 3DS SD cards


Nintendo of America now offers officially refurbished 3DS XL consoles and 3DS SD cards – the refurbished 3DS XLs are $170 each, while the 3DS memory cards are $13. Nintendo has been primping and polishing DSi XL and 3DS handhelds for resale since April.

Currently on the market is the Aqua Blue and Midnight Purple 3DS for $120, Midnight Blue DSi XL for $100, Blue/Black and Red/Black 3DS XL for $170, and the Red/Black 3DS XL with a 16GB memory card for $180. Authentic Nintendo Refurbished Products come with a one-year warranty and while they may have cosmetic blemishes, they are fully functional and meet Nintendo's "VERY high" standards, the company says.

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