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Call of Duty: Strike Team hits iOS exclusively


Activision has released Call of Duty: Strike Team, the latest mobile take on the company's wildly popular military shooter, exclusively for iOS devices. Strike Team features a different take on the normal first-person shooter cliches by switching players between first- and third-person perspectives as the game goes on. The third-person levels have a top-down view for increased tactical decision-making.

For US$6.99, players get a full campaign set in 2020 and a survival mode that features online leaderboards. Kotaku has a 12-minute gameplay video for those who are currently on the fence about enlisting in this latest expansion of the (fake) military industrial complex. We, on the other hand have the launch video, included below, which is only two minutes and 34 seconds long. Use your time wisely.

Head over to iTunes to lay down your dollars and pick up your arms. If you're still rocking an iPhone 4 or lower, you're sadly out of luck. This battle has moved on beyond your primitive tools. For those of you with a 4S or better, enjoy the horrors of war.

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