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Oculus Rift latency tester now available for pre-order, knows better than your eyes


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Sure, you could try and measure the motion-to-photons latency present in various Oculus Rift virtual reality games using your naked eye, but the latency tester Oculus just put up for pre-order is much easier and far more accurate. As demonstrated by Oculus Rift inventor Palmer Luckey in the video after the break, simply pop off one of the Rift dev kit's two lens caps and pop on the latency tester. After plugging it in via mini-USB, the tester reads the latency per eye and outputs a number on the rear -- voila ici.

Like with so many things Oculus, folks who put in their name early have first crack at the latency tester. The rest of us can put in our names now for pre-order and they'll start shipping out in early October -- Oculus tells us, "they're sitting in our warehouse now, waiting for new homes." If you're looking to get in on the action you probably shouldn't wait, as only a "limited quantity" is available for now, though more could be produced "based on demand."

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