Fuhu's DreamTab line pops up at CES sporting Kung Fu Panda and other DreamWorks fare

These are all still early-stage pieces of hardware, so let's just get that right out of the way. Even the "most final" of the three DreamTab slates Fuhu was showing off at tonight's Pepcom event in Las Vegas had a number of apps that just wouldn't load. Instead, the company's here to show off what are more or less final hardware designs and a handful of DreamWorks-sanctioned apps like one that teaches kids how to draw Kung Fu Panda and the like and a Puss in Boots-branded version of Fruit Ninja, which will come loaded on the final units.

We've got to say, we really liked the hardware design on these bad boys. They're a fair bit sleeker than a number of the kid-focused tablets we've seen around. On the front, you'll find a speaker grille on either side of the display. On the top, is a slot for a stylus, power button and volume rocker, while the sides have a unique concave design that make it nice to hold -- as does the silicone sleeve that will ship with the systems. Here at CES, the company is showing off an 8-inch, 12-inch and a large desktop tablet, that's a pretty solid way to play a game of the aforementioned fruit-slicing title.

Terrence O'Brien contributed to this report.