ModiFace uses Kinect to give you a digital nose job

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ModiFace uses Kinect to give you a digital nose job

ModiFace has been giving women digital makeovers for a while now, with apps for iOS and Android, but now it wants them to start scrutinizing themselves in public, too. The company just announced something called the "Anti-Aging Beauty Mirror," which is really just a Windows PC with a Kinect sensor mounted on top, allowing shoppers to try on makeup (and experiment with brow lifts) while they're in-store. As with the existing app, you can try on eyeshadow, lipstick and blush, only this time, you'll see the brand and color overlaid in the upper left-hand corner. (Maybe it's the technology, or maybe it was just my choice of green eyeshadow, but I looked like a clown.) You can also experiment with plastic surgery "anti-aging" effects including nose reshaping and a cheek lift. There's even a before and after view, reminding you your real jaw line is actually quite weak. It'll roll out this spring -- not that this will deter women from trying on the real makeup and then high-tailing it out of the store. Let us have our fun, people.

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