EverMemo is an Evernote memo app for sporadic note-takers

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Kelly Hodgkins
January 22, 2014 9:00 PM
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EverMemo is an Evernote memo app for sporadic note-takers

EverMemo is a basic note-taking app with one crucial feature -- every time you create a note, it is automatically uploaded to your Evernote account. It's meant for Evernote users who want a lightweight note-taker instead of the full Evernote client.

EverMemo has a barebones text editor that allows you to enter text, add a list and indent paragraphs. There's also a checkmark to save, and undo/redo buttons for error correction. There are no formatting options to change the font style or size.

The app uses gestures throughout the interface to navigate. You can swipe from left to right to uncover the right-hand navigation bar. Swiping on a note brings up a menu that allows you to archive it, pin it to the top of your notes or change its color from white to a variety of options. Selecting text and swiping left or right allows you to move the cursor through the word one character at a time. It's a simple and easy-to-understand UI.

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Though the app captures the essence of flat design, there are a few UI flaws -- the "new memo" and "Share to Mocha" buttons at the top are small, which makes them difficult to tap. I also find it odd that one button is all lower-case and the other is capitalized properly. The "new memo" button is also a light gray color, which does not stand out well from the white background.

Besides Evernote, EverMemo also has a community noteboard called Mocha. Mocha allows you to post your notes for other EverMemo users to see. It's meant to be a place where users can share ideas and inspiration, but I found it to be cluttered with test notes and people's random thoughts. There wasn't anything exceptionally useful in this feature and I wish it was an option that I could turn off.

EverMemo is great for those who need to jot down notes quickly and want them to sync automatically to their Evernote account. The EverMemo app is available for free from the iOS App Store. There are no ads, but it does have in-app purchases to enable features like reminders, calculator and more.

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