Netflix's first taste of 'Star Wars' coming with exclusive 'Clone Wars' series in March

Sure, Netflix has a multi-billion dollar deal with Disney, but Star Wars content has been noticeably missing from its sizeable catalog. That's about to change, however, after the streaming giant announced it has signed an exclusive agreement to bring the final series of The Clone Wars, dubbed "The Lost Missions," to all 44 million of its subscribers on March 7th. Netflix says the 13-episode season will be accompanied by director's cuts of the previous five Clone Wars seasons and the feature film, making it the only subscription service to offer such content. Netflix has slowly added more Disney content in recent months, but it'll ramp up significantly when first-run live-action and animated films come to the service in 2016. There's no word on whether we'll see the Star Wars feature films later down the line -- we'll make sure to enjoy the multiple new Marvel mini-series in the meantime.