Grove and Woodblock Chocolate team up to make edible iPhone case

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Grove and Woodblock Chocolate team up to make edible iPhone case
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I'm used to seeing iPhone cases made from some pretty exotic materials and am a big fan of the wood cases created by Portland, Ore.-based Grove. Now that innovative case maker has teamed up with a local chocolatier -- Woodblock Chocolate -- to make a tasty and protective treat for the iPhone 5/5s or 5c. It's a totally edible chocolate iPhone case, just in time for Valentine's Day.

Grove and Woodblock Chocolate's Charley and Jessica Wheelock spent six months working on a special chocolate with more concentrated flavors and a high melting temperature -- my guess is that the chocolatiers didn't want the tasty confection to melt on your hands or face while using your iPhone. By removing emulsifiers like soy lecithin, the chocolate was optimized for Grove's CNC machines.

According to Grove, the cases "are precision-milled from the solid blocks of dark chocolate. The fully functioning case is designed for a thin and sleek look, and carefully crafted to allow access to all connectors and ports. The case is then hand finished for a velvety, smooth touch."

Unfortunately, you won't be able to get your hands on one of the cases for protection consumption. Grove co-founder Ken Tomita says, "They're not for sale, mainly because we can't keep making them without gunking up our machines, but don't worry, all the manufacturing waste is being recycled in our bellies."

Those of us at TUAW are awaiting our review items for this case, Ken...
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