'Armada' is Monaco dev's new game, an RTS

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'Armada' is Monaco dev's new game, an RTS
Monaco developer Andy Schatz has announced his next game will be a real-time strategy game, described as a "battle of wits, not a battle of clicks." Codenamed [Armada], Schatz wants to make a game where experienced players can compete at a high level, and where newcomers might be easily introduced to it by friends at a party.

"With Monaco, we took an old school genre (Stealth), we simplified the controls, and then we built an incredibly complex game that could be played at high and low skill levels alike. I want to do the same with the RTS genre," wrote Schatz in the game's announcement on Gamasutra.

He says the game's design philosophy will revolve around feeling like a traditional RTS, but all mechanics must be equally fun on keyboard/mouse as they are on a twin-stick console gamepad. Monaco's success has given Schatz the "leeway" to make whatever game he wants to make next. He has not announced a timetable for [Armada]'s launch.
[Image: A.Schatz]
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