Tipbit relaunches with smart search and Evernote integration to help make your digital life simpler

Tripbit for iPhone

Juggling multiple email accounts can be hassle, but Tipbit aims to make it a manageable one. Founded by Gordon Mangione, the former Microsoft exec who oversaw the development of Exchange, Tipbit combines your various email accounts into one manageable feed on your iOS device. However that's just the beginning of its impressive number of features.

Where Tipbit shines is the way it integrates various web services directly into your email, allowing you to check data from LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook without having to switch apps. Swiping left on a message brings up a menu that allows you to sort messages, find mutual contacts, make appointments in your calendar, and other tasks.

With its latest update Tipbit is adding a new contextual, instant search function to the app. To ensure searching is as fast as possible the app indexes your information securely off the phone, allowing you to utilize their server for search rather than having your phone do the computing. It gives Tipbit a remarkably powerful leg up in sorting and organizing information. You can even search messages that haven't been downloaded to your phone yet.

In addition to improved searching the update adds support for Evernote clipping directly from the app, allowing you to save an email as a pdf for later viewing.

If you're worried that Tipbit might be tempted to try and monetize all this information you're sharing with them, put your fears to rest. I was able to speak with Mangione last week about the app, and specifically asked about their planes for monetizing the app.

The company is taking a similar approach to Evernote, with the basic services they've made available since launch remaining free as long as the app is active. In the future they'll be offering paid premium services, but the app you download today is the app you'll always use. However they know that to get to that level of success, they have to respect their users' privacy. Mangione promised they would not be using any information connected to their servers for data mining purposes.

Given how powerful the app currently is, it's easy to imagine a future where Tipbit finally makes it easy to manage a private secure enterprise email account and your personal email all from one app. We're looking forward to seeing how the app continues to develop over the coming months. You can watch Tipbit's launch video for version 2.0 below.