From item level 431 to 498 in eight hours

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From item level 431 to 498 in eight hours

Early this week I hit level 90 on my paladin. I started leveling him up about a week ago, just casually killing things with my big stick. Lots of fun and excitement, the same kind that I've had way too much of already in this expansion.

Just as I was about finish off level 89, the boosted character service went live. I boosted my rogue and promptly decided that I didn't want to play it, but instead wanted to finish off my pally. When I did hit max level I felt really behind in the gear curve for fresh 90s. So much so that I actually had to stop and think about what to do next.

But the answer was pretty easy:
  • Farm with my other characters in Timeless Isle to get a full set of gear
  • Complete the Timeless Isle on my pally to finish off any remaining pieces
  • Spend 6,000g on a item level 557 belt and a 476 neck (anything better refused to drop)
  • Run 6 dungeons and get enough Justice Points to convert them to Honor and pick up a 522 ring
All told the process took me exactly eight hours and I ended up going from item level 431 to 498. I blended in with everyone else, and my DPS, even with knowing next to jack squat about retribution end game, ended up around 60k in LFR. I'm sure it'll be much better after I spend the weekend with some guides.

Why am I posting this? Because the answer for all your problems with people picking out your character as a new boosted level 90 can be solved by giving yourself eight hours before jumping into more serious group content. In fact, I'd dare say you're doing everyone else a disservice if you're not spending the time to do this -- it's simple, effective, and above all else, fun.
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