Skitch for Android gets new, finger-friendly toolbars to make mobile annotation easier

Are you a digital doodler? Odds are, then, that you're familiar with Skitch, an annotation app from the folks at Evernote that lets users mark up PDFs, screenshots and pictures on phones and tablets. Today, the Android version of Skitch got a bit better with a revamped set of toolbars that make it easier to indulge your doodling ways. The new layout provides access to two menus at the bottom of your screen: an icon in the bottom left corner lets you choose the color and size of your scribbles, while the icon in the lower right is tapped for access to cropping, text and other tools. Tapping either expands the options along the edges of the screen, and they disappear once you've made a selection. It's a pretty slick implementation, if we do say so ourselves, but you don't have to take our word for it, first hand knowledge is just a download away.